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During 2022 the Town of North Haven continued to support the newly created Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which currently has provided free training to over 100 individuals, many of whom have remained active members of North Haven CERT. To learn more about North Haven CERT, please call 203-239-5321 Ext. 140. Training for the North Haven CERT takes place once a month and the initial training course occurs during the spring and fall months. Please check out the North Haven CERT Facebook page for more information. North Haven CERT is one of the busiest and most active teams in the State of CT!

The Town of North Haven Emergency Operations plan is continually reviewed. We are governed by the State to provide documentation for an annual review. Our plan is updated regularly and is shared throughout the various town departments. The document covers topics such as: Warning Devices, Evacuation, Sheltering, Public Information, Mass Care, Health and Medical, Hazardous Materials Responses and Communications. All town department heads as well as other key personnel play an important part in the plan and are well versed in their respective roles.

Our Emergency Operations Center remained active throughout 2021 due to weather-related emergencies. The town has the ability to open shelters and warming/cooling centers as weather dictates, and residents can be notified through the Town web site, NHTV or through the EVERBRIDGE reverse 911 notification system. Throughout the year as weather dictates, warming centers can be staffed to allow for temporary sheltering from extremely cold temperatures.

The Emergency Management Director of North Haven also devotes a significant amount of time recovering funding from the State of CT and FEMA. During incidents in which a state of emergency or disaster is declared, specific expenses incurred by the Town of North Haven are eligible for reimbursement. Additionally, the Town of North Haven actively pursues funding opportunities through the CT Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG).