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Chaplain’s Corner

Chaplain James Detweiler has served the North Haven Fire Department as Chaplain since 2012. Prior to moving with his wife to North Haven to pastor the Hope Church on Montowese Ave., he served in a Military Church in Groton, CT for 5 years.

Upon moving to North Haven, James began to focus his church on ministering to the members of the fire service, hosting an annual appreciation service and luncheon for members of the NoHFD. In 2012, when the state fire parade was scheduled to be in North Haven, James inquired how his church could assist. It was at this time that Chief asked if he would consider serving in the department as their Chaplain. In the past 6 years, together with the Chief’s office, North Haven has developed an effective ministry not only to members of our department, but also to the residents of our community. Chaplain serves on the fire ground to the needs of the victims to bring comfort, safety and practical assistance including serving as a connection to the Red Cross for temporary housing and assistance after the fire.

Chaplain is available seven days a week for the firefighters of North Haven and their families to make hospital calls, offer counsel, to bring comfort in times of grieving, or just enjoy the culture of the firehouse, forming friendships and sharing laughter together with the men and women who serve our town so sacrificially.

James is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God as well as an Endorsed Chaplain with the Assemblies of God U.S.A. Missions Department. James is also an active member of the North Haven C.E.R.T. Team, and the lead pastor at Hope Christian Church. James has been married to his best friend Sharon for 39 years enjoying life with their two grown sons, Nathan and Joshua, and two amazing grandsons.

You can contact Chaplain at ​