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Rescue Operations

Our jurisdiction includes 21 square miles consisting of 133 lane miles of limited access highway, 250 lane miles of town roads, 9500 households and nearly 1000 businesses including critical infrastructure. This presents significant challenges with regard to technical rescues. Vehicle and machinery extrication and entanglement constitutes the majority of our rescue operations. In addition, our staff responds to a variety of rescue operations involving industrial, manufacturing, and construction sectors.

Multi-discipline rescue services are provided to cover a number of technical situations that include but are not limited to: vehicle and machinery extrication, cold water rescue, high and rope rescue.  When situations exist beyond the capabilities and resources of the Department, mutual aid as well as state and federal resources may be requested.

Water rescues are also common with the Quinnipiac River intersecting our town along with the many ponds found throughout our municipality. In addition, hazardous material incidents are classified as rescue operations. All members are trained to the minimum standard of HAZ-MAT operations level. We currently have several firefighters trained to the EPA-Technical level and NFPA 472 Technical level.