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North Haven Fire Department Urges Residents to ‘Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety’ During Fire Prevention Week

Chief Paul Januszewski and the North Haven Fire Department are urging residents to “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” to help protect their loved ones during Fire Prevention Week, which is being recognized this year from Oct. 3-9.

Fire Prevention Week is organized by the National Fire Protection Association, and has been recognized for over 90 years. The goal of Fire Prevention Week is to educate the public about simple but important ways they can keep themselves and those they live with safe. 

“It is important to stay safe by knowing the difference between the sounds made by your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, because the extra seconds such knowledge can buy your family in an emergency could save lives,” said Chief Januszewski. “I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the manufacturers instructions that came with your alarms, and to educate all members of your family to understand the noises the devices make.”

This year’s theme of “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” focuses on beeps, chirps and other noises coming from your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and how knowing what they mean could save your life. 

The North Haven Fire Department urges everyone to recognize these common sounds to help you and your family better understand smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

  • A continuous set of three loud beeps—beep, beep, beep—means smoke or fire. Get out, call 9-1-1, and stay out.
  • A single chirp every 30 or 60 seconds means the battery is low and must be changed.
  • All smoke alarms must be replaced after 10 years.
  • Chirping that continues after the battery has been replaced means the alarm is at the end of its life and the unit must be replaced.
  • Make sure your smoke and CO alarms meet the needs of all your family members, including those with sensory or physical disabilities.

The North Haven Fire Department is hosting a series of events in support of this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety”, including visits to schools, senior housing and other high risk community members.

To find out more about Fire Prevention Week programs and activities in North Haven, please contact the North Haven Fire Department at (203) 239-5321 ext. 100.

For more general information about Fire Prevention Week and fire prevention in general, click here.